The Fearless Accelerator:

You are not an imposter.

It's time to harness your authentic power.

Use science-backed strategies to build a new mindset: to move from anxiously chasing validation, love, and success to embracing your full worth. To move from stressed, stuck, and insecure to confident, empowered, and fulfilled.

YOU have the ability to attract healthy relationships and a successful career.

Your new, confident life begins NOW.

I'm ready to transform!

Build confidence

Recognize who you are and embrace your full worth by learning to set boundaries and replace toxic thought patterns.

Control your anxiety

Begin training your body to respond differently to control anxiety and stress and move out of imposter thoughts.

Free yourself from toxic patterns

Break free from the behaviors that hold you back from meeting your fullest potential.

No More Excuses—I'm Making This Change Today.

"I realized that becoming fearless was so much bigger than me. My fear was sabotaging my relationships, my career—my life."


Live in Fear—or Really Live?

I'm Dr. Rebecca Heiss. Join me for the training I needed myself—to take back my power from the anxiety and toxic patterns that held me hostage.

In this course, you'll learn to move from chasing validation and approval from others to embracing your own worth and value in yourself so that you can build the mindset and habits that attract healthy relationships and careers. 

Yes—I'm ready to Live More Fearless!
Fear Less. Live More.